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FAQs about Our Houston Painting Contractors

How long have you been in the Houston home remodeling business? 
A: We have been in business for 23 years.

What are your hours? 
A: 8-5 Monday thru Friday

Are you insured? 
A: Yes, a copy of my accord page will be submitted with my bid.

What do I need to do to prepare for my interior paint job?
A: All pictures and items hanging on the walls need to be removed. Breakables, lamps and sentimental items need to be put away by you. We have insurance but it won’t replace the china given to you by your grandmother. All large furniture will be moved and covered by us. Floors will be protected as well.

Do you use temporary help? 
A: No, the Houston painting contractors are all full time.

What is the procedure for an exterior paint job? 
A: First your house will be power washed using a chemical injector with a mildewside. All rotten siding and trim will be replaced with Hardi-Plank if a matching profile is available, loose wood and siding will be re-nailed using hot dipped galvanized nails. Your house will be scraped and sanded as necessary and caulked as necessary. All of this preparation work is to insure a clean sound substrate for the paint to adhere to. All new or scraped bare wood will be primed, then caulking as necessary with a high quality acrylic caulk. Metal lintels above your windows will be primed with a rust inhibitive primer. At least two top coats, or the amount needed to fully cover will be applied using high quality paint. Paint choices will be described fully in the written estimate.

Do I need to get approval from my homeowners association before starting my exterior project? 
A: Yes, to prevent problems it is always better to comply with their rules.

How long before you can start my project? 
A: Usually within two to three weeks.

Will I have to pay my Houston, TX contractor before you start my job? 
A: No, as a rule a job under $5,000.00 can be paid upon completion of the work, but for a larger job, we will need to set up payments determined by the work completed. Payment is expected immediately upon completion of work. This will all be agreed to before we begin your project.
How can I trust you will do what you say? I have references, usually in you neighborhood that you can call, that I have done the same scope of work for.

What can I do to expedite my kitchen or bath remodel? 
A: Have all of your choices of cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, cabinet doors, paint colors and flooring already picked out.

What is the best way for me to find a color I like? 
A: Your local paint store now sells samples of colors. Purchase the ones you think you will like. Do not apply them directly to the wall; instead paint them on a white poster board. This way you can move them next to different elements in your house such as next to the trim on a door, by the brick on the fireplace, etc. By choosing this way we only have to repair a thumb tack hole, not prime over the colors applied directly to the wall.

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